CAC Leadership

Pastor McKinney, Pastor

Pastor McKinney is passionate about preaching the Word and winning people to the Lord.  Pastor McKinney uses all of his talents to bring vibrant, anointed messages each service using informative and inspirational methods.  Pastor McKinney is licensed with the United Pentecostal Church, Intl. and has been serving the Lord since 1981 and has been active in ministry since 1982.  



keithKeith Bartley, Worship & Music Minister

Keith is passionate about music.  Keith is an accomplished keyboardist and organist.  Keith’s role is to lead the Church in praise and worship with music.  Keith, along with Rebekah Gooslin, lead the music department in song preparation and presentation. Keith also helps the Pastor by teaching the Adult Bible Class when called upon.

Connie McKinney, Choir Director

The Bible has a lot to say about music, and is currently looking for a Choir Director who will with vibranance and anointing lead the church’s Choir and Praise Team in ushering the congregation into the Presence of the Lord.
Pam Bartley, Drama/Youth Ministry
Pam is very passionate about children’s ministry.  Her creative ways of using puppets, signing, and drama to bring the Lord glory is unsurpassed.  Pam takes care of Children’s Church, Christmas and Easter Presentations, and an integral part of the church’s yearly VBS program.
Joyce Justice, Van Ministry
Joyce joins our team in the capacity as the leader of the Van Ministry.  The Van Ministry responsibilities are of the utmost importance–transporting people safely to and from Church services.  Without this ministry, many would not be able to attend services at CAC. If you need a ride you can call Joyce at 606.625.4061, Email:,  or call the Church Office at 606.456.4400.

??? Minstry

This could be YOU!  CAC is always sensitive to new ministries being birthed to help others be all they can be for the Lord.  If you have a calling on your life or feel you have special talents that could be used in the Church, feel free to contact Pastor McKinney and let’s do great things for the Lord!